Places to Visit in Tobago

  • Store bay beach Facility
  • Pigeon Point Heritage Park ( Water sports and coast line tours available here)
  • Visit the Nylon Pool, Buccoo Reef and No man's land from Store Bay or Pigeon Point

Take an island Tour ( It takes only approximately 7 hours) to:

  • Castara Bay
  • Englishman's Bay
  • Parlatuvier Lookout
  • Bloody Bay,
  • Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve
  • Pirate's Bay
  • Argyle Waterfall
  • Speyside Reef ( Popular for Snorkelling and Diving)
  • Visit Little Tobago from Speyside (by boat)

Visit the forts : 

  • Fort Milford in Crown point
  • Fort bennett in Black Rock
  • Fort james in Plymouth
  • Fort King George in Studley Park
  • Fort Granby in Studley Park
  • Mystery Tombstone in Plymouth
  • The Campbellton battery